If my driftwood could speak, it would tell you this...

histoire etagere sm| Agrandir |You see me as a shelf, but it is only my latest incarnation.

I was built into a Catamaran. I was part of the hull. Close to the rudder, I sometimes liked to pretend that my instincts swayed the direction in which we went. When those less fortunate brushed past me, I felt like I was a part of their hopes and dreams for a brief moment.

One day, a captain didn’t jump to the depths. Just to my right, he contemplated the waters as a terrible solution to his troubled life. I watched him for hours. Then, slowly, the look in his eyes shifted. He nodded with resolve, as though in deep resignation.

He took back the helm three years later, still to my right. There was a new ring on his finger, I noticed.

I have seen the sea as you never will. In all it’s rage, in all it’s splendor. I have known her, and with her too, I felt a kinship.

In fact, it is she who shattered me and brought me here. She gave me new life. Her torrents destroyed me and upon her her gentle waves I traveled.

It is via your horizons that I rediscover myself, now a shelf.

– Pür Cachet

“To imagine is to choose.”
 - Jean Giono