" Nurture passion ! "

Pür Cachet’s philosophy revolves around customer satisfaction, respecting the environment and make the difference in our society. Pür cachet is regularly partners with organizations to help those most in need.

From our passionate creative process will be born our reputation.

The client is the cornerstone of our philosophy. The success of our enterprise being directly linked to the customer satisfaction, Pür Cachet makes it a point of honor to ensure that we are offering our client unique, quality products. We feed our customers’ and partners’ trust with our care for ethics and our transparency.

Our enterprise is not only Green, but inspired by nature’s legacy. We gather wood lovingly fashioned by Mother Nature herself and transform it into a fashion product that answer the high needs of actuals designs. Pür Cachet is equally eco-friendly in the fabrication process of its products and this, by  avoiding chemicals and by using LED lighting.

The Designers of Pür Cachet transmit their passion for nature via their sophisticated, trendy and first-quality products.

Working for Pür Cachet means riverside walks to gather driftwood, and entire days spent using one’s creativity for trend or eco-friendly procedure research as well as for the fabrication of the products themselves.

Pür cachet, A way of living.

“They didn’t know that it was impossible,
and so they did it.”
 - Mark Twain